Business transfer

Alain FLECHARD, founder and manager of AF'ergo Conseil hands over to Dominique GIRARD at the beginning of April 2020.

After 34 years spent in the industrialization business with an automotive supplier, Alain FLECHARD created his company AF’ergo Conseil in July 2015, almost 5 years ago!

During these 5 years, the search for well-being at work, the improvement of working conditions and the reduction or prevention of MSDs have led many manufacturers to integrate design reviews or ergonomic simulations into their process of development of new means of production based on both the industrial skills of Alain FLECHARD and the relevance of the ergo-design tool in virtual reality “Ergowide3”.

The time has now come for Alain FLECHARD to take a step back and gradually hand over the baton.

On his proposal, Dominique GIRARD, who also has a very long experience in industrialization and production management, agreed to take over the activities of AF’ergo Conseil.

It is also within the framework of their industrialization activities that Alain FLECHARD and Dominique GIRARD together initiated the development of the ergonomic simulation tool using virtual reality “Ergowide3” with the contribution of CLARTE in Laval as the video show